[PHOTOSET] Swimsuit princess and river

[5$ – 50 PHOTOS] – Finally come another outdoor shooting with swimsuit, this one goes more into teasing but offer you really sexy view on a cheap pack (only 5$). First playing in the water Rosalina felt horny and wanted move to another place to show you some of her private parts. I’m pretty happy how it turned but on the technical side was really hard to manage so I hope be able shoot again in swimsuit and goes even more naughty if this pack work well… °w°

[PHOTOSET] Messy cowgirl Rosalina

[15$ – 115 PHOTOS] – While patrolling, a noise brought our sweet princess into the this swampy forest, falling in the water and cleaning the mud from her hand on her shirt she started enjoy that wet and messy feeling. Being all wet and covered by mud even from the inside of her pant using a boot to wash herself until her suit goes completely soiled. With huge fetish for messy and love for cowgirl suit with chaps, impossible I don’t combine them with Rosalina in a really hot and muddy custom with, adding a trap touch a a shooting that ended with a 115 photo pack that I hope you’ll enjoy it.

[PHOTOSET] Anal Star Butterfly

[10$ – 60 PHOTOS] – I was offered Star Butterfly cosplay but someone on Deviantart (big hug again) and once I got the opportunity then made a hot shooting wearing it. Star Butterbly start tease you with her cute suit and see through panty before show how she use her dildo. I must admit I got some troubles with this cosplay since part on cover boots don’t hold too well so you may see them gone and back… Glue was the more important tool after the toy to keep it great… XD

[PHOTOSET] Rosalina maid spirit

[10$ – 66 PHOTOS] – Mixing two packs in one for even more photos and hotness in one pack, 67 photos of Rosalina maid in the couch starting sweet to really hot as you can see on the previews. This series also a little particularity with the “toy” I use here, this series was made before I get my first dildo ever and I use an endive since I always thought it looks like a but-plug when you remove some leafs… ^^’

[PHOTOSET] Nidalee – Witch of the year

[10$ – 58 HD PHOTOS] – I thought this cosplay would suit me nicely and finally looks even better than expected. Founded from packs and custom sells (thanks guys), now let’s turn this cute Nidalee witch from League of legends universe into a really pretty but pervert trap. I first let you discover about the cosplay then reveal some curves behind the dress before find my blue dildo and play with it a bit. I hope you’ll enjoy this series and new outfit… ^__^

[PHOTOSET] Rosalina – Fishnet lingerie

[5$ – 35 HD PHOTOS] – As if I keep high heels as one of my bigger fetish, here is a little series for all foot fetish fans, keeping heels for a few photos before removing them for some feet close-up before go more kinky slowly putting off my panties before start fingering myself in that series for all trap, fishnet and lingerie lovers. Enjoy… ^__^

[PHOTOSET] Rosalina – Halloween 2017

[10$ – 74 PHOTOS] – October is here and I wanted do something a bit special for this month with Halloween coming. Was looking at many kind of outfits like the nurse, maid, nun, demon and when I found a witch suit with blue touch, Rosalina had to be naughty in it. I must admit I spent more time shooting safe and sexy poses at start anyway I wanted the last photos to be really hot and spicy touch for all little pervert. I hope you like the previews and you can get here the full series in HD.

[PHOTOSET] Rosalina – Want my panties?

[5$ – 50 PHOTOS] – New sexy illustration that was slightly edited by Lunakiri to hide a detail I didn’t wanted be visible then be able share with your this piece I personally love so much. I was playing doing really huge series with the table and chair then recently tried again with a sexy schoolgirl outfit that you’ll sure discover about a day. You can get the full shooting series pack with, just keep in mind it have really explicit trap content inside.
Please help me get more cosplay or sexy stuff for the upcoming shoots °w°