[PHOTOSET] Rosalina trappy bunny

[PHOTOSET: 180 photos] – After two years celebrating Easter with Lucina I wanted this year to be with Rosalina, since she don’t have official Easter suit I wanted create one the most adorable as possible to make the contrast between cuteness and sexiness shine. A pretty blue dress, cute floppy ears and of course cannot miss some gorgeous heels looking as soft as sexy to start with, slowly moving between pretty to sexy teasing you before play with my special “tail” and carrot dildo. Happy Easter <3

[PHOTOSET] Sarada red maid

[PHOTOSET: 124 photos] – I love pretty costumes and uniforms (also most kinky one for sure) and when I saw about this red maid dress I though this had to be for Sarada (ordered it the moment I saw it), now the suit has come and shooting done it’s time to give me your feeling about that costume. Not an official cosplay but I hope you still enjoy it <3

[PHOTOSET] Sarada forest exhibition

[PHOTOSET: 130 photos] – Forests are sure a great place for ninjas, perfect for training of any kind to increase strength, dexterity and practice their secret techniques but after days of training these creatures also need to rest and enjoy some fun too. Being alone in the middle of the forest you sure need to master some special and pleasurable techniques as Sarada.

[PHOTOSET] Trappy Mooo Year

[PHOTOSET: 110 photos] – Time to celebrate Chinese new year, 2021 being the year of the cow I cannot resist come back with my trappy cow but with new suit even more sexy and indecent as surprise for you to make this celebration even more enjoyable. This new suit is pretty wild open at the front so it will be easy to notice under my crotch but don’t stare at me too much or you’ll get me excited and too horny to resist spread and masturbate in front of you…

[PHOTOSET] 2B car sex

[PHOTOSET: 110 photos] – That old car door was nothing against 2B power but nothing interesting inside but it seems 2B noticed that you were staring at her ass while she was searching and decided you you a little show you wont forget. Now time to enjoy the view cause she still haven’t decided if she’ll let you alive or not at the end :p

[PHOTOSET] Takanashi rikka perspective

[PHOTOSET: 140 photos] – This set containt 140 HD photos starting with an adorable schoolgirl looking closely at you from her desk perhaps striping a little to tease you then Rikka will order you to lie down on the floor while standing on top making a trappy show you’ll never forget, Will you resist to jerk before she does?

[PHOTOSET] D.va Academy kinky lesson

[PHOTOSET: 160 photos] – So long I wanted to cosplay D.va in her academy skin and I finally had the change to turn her into a pretty and naughty trap waiting for you to come give her a special lesson. Since no one except you it’s hard to resist not tease you with my sexy legs and pretty pink panties but of course it’s just starting. Will be be able resist to the look of my but while I spread it or pick a dildo and toy myself?

[PHOTOSET] Rosalina Christmas lingerie

[PHOTOSET: 190 photos] – Christmas is coming and I cannot miss the opportunity to create my own Christmas Rosalina version being the most sensual and sexy I can. Red cloak, corset, panties, stocking for the lingerie and white mules for the heels touch to get the perfect teasing look that will make this year hard to forget. Starting posing in various way to be sure you don’t miss any parts of that magnificent suit and of course trap body before your princess start to undress and play in front of you, I hope you’ll enjoy your gift this year <3

[PHOTOSET] Naughty or Nice Rosalina

[PHOTOSET: 100 photos] – I wanted to play again with my mirror loving to use the reflection and also having no compromise between showing a cute face and indecent butt filled with a plug to perfectly tease you. Enjoy this new set with many fetishes as high heels, pcv, schoolgirl, mirror and some surprise with special photos with a little bonus. It was a really fun set to create and the result is even more powerfull as expected, also a bit more indecent but no one will complain on that fappy detail :p

[PHOTOSET] Steampunk Rosalina

[PHOTOSET: 115 photos] – After the maid, cowgirl, shoolgirl or even lolita, Rosalina come as steampunk version still so sweet and kinky as usual for this new photoset. I had so much fun preparing the background and even on this shooting teasing you combining booty and fur for a nice mix between cuteness and sexiness. Of course it looks pretty at start and going more sexy while a little toy appear and can make this set turn really kinky.