Haruhi pleasure chair [Video]

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Not just a seat to study on boring lessons, this is Haruhi pleasure chair

Today Haruhi forgot some stuff at school and when she was back to the class noticed something weird on her chair. Maybe a little classmate gift to help her get “ride” of her too serious attitude. Surprisingly instead of being mad of this bad joke, Haruhi was aroused by this big rod standing on her chair. Could be she is way more kinky than she show to the other students, anyway she wont miss to play with this little toy.
Kneeling in front of the chair like submitting to the toy she started by happily suck it. First teasing the tip and finally get it all the way on her throat to get it all wet for the next part. So will you enjoy the show of a naughty try schoolgirl hapilly ridding a dildo. Moaning a bit but trying to hold to not be catch in the act. From deepthroat to anal riding here comes a new video to “deeply” enjoy °w°
If you like this costume and set don’t mind put a comment here or on twitter so I can do more that way. Isn’t that tempting? :p


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