Mercury have no panties [Video]

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You’ll go to meet your idol most dirty secret, Mercury have no panties!!!

Ami Mizuno’s Star Power Stick had a little malfunction lately doing the transformation. Turning into Sailor Mercury it appear that Mercury have no panties under her uniform anyway this isn’t the biggest problem. Fact is instead of embarrassed with nothing to cover her crotch, it turns Mercury super horny and excited. Maybe it’s a problem on the stick power or could it be just intensify the dirty side of Mercury? Doing her best to resist the urge of touching herself during the battle she couldn’t resist any longer once done and treat her horny clit.
Starting with Ami looking cute and desperately hiding how horny she is (at first of course). Finally revealing you about her cute trap body and the evidence of nothing under her skirt unless a dirty hole that desperately needs something to stick in. And the Star Power “Stick” sounds like perfect material to treat that dirty ass, first getting it all licked and sucked then once wet enough the fun start. What it does to see your hero all dirty pleasuring herself like a horny slut. Don’t you think she’ll need you next time she’ll transform? <3
If you like this costume and set don’t mind put a comment here or on twitter so I can do more that way. Isn’t that tempting? :p


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