Miku X-Rated X-Mas [Video]

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Miku X-Rated X-Mas trap video show comes to all in the naughty list, be ready :p

Krampus getting so much work this year so Miku giving him a help with people on the naughty list. Coming to you dressed as Santa Miku have a different version of what could be a punishment. Forcing you to watch her having some fun and teasing you watching Miku X-Rated X-Mas video show. Seems you are horny and her as well wearing some indecent panties under her pretty dress and it’s just the start of your punishment :p
Now you are horny for that ass but Miku’s punishment just starting. Opening your present and what a surprise you ordered a nasty toy, let’s use it for you. Here you goes seeing Miku sucking it all the way close at you with her saliva dripping on the floor. Now it’s wet there’s no other place to go than deep in her ass. Back to her comfy place ready to pound her trappy ass moaning from pleasure. Merry (horny) Christmas <3
If you like this costume and set don’t mind put a comment here or on twitter so I can do more that way. Isn’t that tempting? :p


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