Rosalina alone in the library [Video]

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Have a little record of what happens when Rosalina alone in the library

Rosalina alone in the library enjoying the peacefull moment of a comfy chair and no Lumas around. This could be the perfect time to rest a bit or read a book but our trappy princess appear to be a bit excited today. Under her adorable look and pretty dress appear some high heels, lingerie and panties she happily show you. totally not the kind of underwear for an innocent princess unless something naughty going to happens!
The teasing don’t goes to too long before start more serious fun. Rosalina’s panties are pretty convenient to get her trappy dick outside. First fapping a bit before her finger get hunger to tease her ass. Teasing with a finger and even two going as deep as they can she needs more and luckily some toys are hidden around. A blue heart shaped anal beads toy looks perfect for a naughty princess as Rosalina. All sucked and played with at start. Maybe would be good to consider another dildo a bit more bigger. What an intense evening in the library, once again <3
If you like this costume and set don’t mind put a comment here or on twitter so I can do more that way. Isn’t that tempting? :p


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