Trappy cow in the mud [Video]

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It’s all messy here, perfect place for a trappy cow in the mud

This kind of little pond is perfect for cow to come drink but only normal one. Here come your little trappy cow in the mud for some dirty play wearing some bikini and high heels mules. First staying on the edge feeling her stocking getting wet and soiled then putting mud all over her legs. Then she even enjoy to fill her heels with some mud to feel it on her feet while putting them back, so dirty but not enough. Next she moved in the middle with more water and mud to play with covering her arms and chest, now you can see a true horny and messy cow ready for the action <3
And talking about action, how about this little anal beads dildo she food. Just the time to add some lube on her dirty hole and then start the fun. This naughty species sure make curious Moooo when she moan but no doubt you’ll enjoy watch her hidden under the grass. Maybe she’ll even come clover to you and play with her ass so you are sure don’t miss anything. Now time to go back to the cows herd even jiggling her ass a little on the way. Maybe she did noticed you :p
And as always, the suit was all cleaned and saved for more messy adventures °w°

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