[VIDEO] PVC Rosalina dildo ridding

[10$ – 14mn long] – This video was a special birthday gift for a (pervert) sweetheart that you can now enjoy, Rosalina make the show with her PVC dress and glasses touch. Showing her pretty petite trap body before play dirty with her toy in various positions as you can see with the trailer. Enjoy the show ^__^

[VIDEO] Haruhi pleasure chair

[10$ – 14mn long] – Another bored day in the classroom so Haruhi decided to leave for a moment, no one in the classroom when she was back but something was placed on her chair. Sounds like a stupid student joke but Haruhi is way more kinky than she show to the other students and cannot resist play with this little toy. From deepthroat to anal riding here come a new video to “deeply” enjoy °w°

[VIDEO] Rin Kagamine anal ride

[10$ – 25mn long] – Time for the Vocaloid Rin Kagamine to perform a really hot and naughty anal show. First undressing to show that cute panties on perfect ass she’s grabbing and spanking before remove her butt-plug to let start the fun. Getting a nice dildo she show you closely how nice she can suck it then go ride it in different positions enjoying the best show and moaning ever for a marvelous fap session.

[VIDEO] Miku POV action

[10$ – 14mn long] – I got support to get a Miku cosplay by someone loving POV action from a standing position and though this kind of video would be the best reward to make and also fun to record. Starting with the oral gently kissing, licking sucking and even deepthroat looking at you wondering how much you enjoy this special attention. On the second part I’m moving my panty down and ridding you pushing all the way in my tight ass even moaning from pleasure and spreading to offer you an even better view.

[VIDEO] Tennis Rosalina panties and anal show

[10$ – 25mn long] – I wanted to make something for the lingerie and panties lover then nothing better that Rosalina in her tennis dress to make it perfect. Trying many panties and moving closer to offer you a great with with some spreading, spanking, fingering and anal dildo play to make it even more fun and spicy… I really hope you’ll enjoy this new sexy video filled with cuteness, teasing and even more kinky part for little perverts… Enjoy °w°

[VIDEO] Rosalina dildos and panties

[10$ – 24mn long] – Here was a custom request, dressed as Rosalina playing with her dildos wearing different panties so it ended wit a looong 24m video with lot of sweet or sexy moves, some tease, ass rubbing and of course some anal play. Also got some troubles to find how to wear my black panties that I love so much and show my ass so perfectly but is always a challenge to wear… You’ll see… ^^

[VIDEO] Rosalina – Oiled foojob

[10$ – 14mn long] – I’m always into messy so thought how about Rosalina soiling her stocking with oil giving a footjob, also staring lot of naughty action like shoejob, sucking and even slide the dildo between my ass. Al the video have no cut so you can miss any of the action being naughty or sometimes a bit more clumsy when the dildo got all slippery… Here 40 seconds preview from 14mn video to tease you…^^

[VIDEO] Rosalina – When student is alone

[10$ – 14mn long] – Here is a naughty schoolgirl Rosalina video commissioned to show how that cute and adorable trap princess can turn indecent when nobody around. Starting gently tease and suck my bigger dildo before get a second a bit more thin but that once sucked and lubed can fit deep in the ass. Various poses and angles to enjoy so don’t miss this video… Also behind, front or even over the table, all place is great to get some fun and now only miss you to join… ^^

[VIDEO] Blue panties maid Rosalina

[10$ – 10mn long] – Here is the first video I was commissioned to do dressed as Rosalina wearing blue lace panties, I first let you discover about my outfit and how this panties it’s small and car hardly hide what I’m trying hide behind my dress. Moving to show you more of my body then ass before start masturbating. Finally I continue with my blue dildo that I feel going deep in my ass in various positions first lying then riding in cowgirl position.